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Wireless Pile Integrity Test Multi Channel Portable Pile Tester
  • Wireless Pile Integrity Test Multi Channel Portable Pile Tester
  • Wireless Pile Integrity Test Multi Channel Portable Pile Tester

Wireless Pile Integrity Test Multi Channel Portable Pile Tester

Place of Origin Chongqing, China
Brand Name Gold
Model Number ZBL-U5600
Product Details
Product Name:
Multi-Channel Ultrasonic Pile Tester
Main Control Unit:
Built-in A8 Industrial Control Motherboard
Display Screen:
10.4 Inch Bright LCD Screen
Mode Of Operation:
Touch Screen
Acquisition Mode:
Synchronous Continuous Fast Mining
Sampling Period:
0.05 μ S~1638.4 μ S Multifile Optional
Sound Time Accuracy:
High Light: 

Wireless Pile Integrity Test


Pile Integrity Test Multi Channel

Product Description

Wireless Multi-Channel Ultrasonic Pile Tester For Pile Integrity Test



A portable special tool called a multichannel ultrasound pile integrity tester employs ultrasonic transmission to assess the strength of concrete foundation piles; This instrument can test multiple profiles at once thanks to its multichannel self-transmitting and receiving circuit. By using three or four transducers in a pipe, it is possible to complete full combination tests for three or six profiles, which significantly increases test efficiency and lessens the workload of the on-site tester.




* Brand-new transducer design: it can be used for both transmission and reception, small size (only 19 cm in length), strong signal, good waveform, no distortion at the front end of the waveform, and effectively reduce the phenomenon of sensor stuck;

* The first wireless depth recording wheel: The wireless connection between the main unit and the depth recording wheel is adopted, which is convenient to operate and completely frees from the troubles caused by the damage of connecting wires and plugs. The depth recording wheel adopts dustproof and waterproof design, and the protection level exceeds IP65;

* The depth recording wheel has both wired and wireless connection methods, which is flexible and convenient;

* It is the first in China to adopt a capacitive touch screen, abandoning the backward resistive screen, and it can also be operated with gloves;

* Advanced first-wave positioning algorithm, accurate first-wave positioning, greatly improving the accuracy of acoustic parameter interpretation, real-time recovery of pile defects on site, basically no post-processing;

* Using high-performance A8+DSP main control processing unit, with 10.4-inch industrial high-brightness wide-temperature LCD screen;

* Abandoning the aluminum alloy profile shell, adopting modern industrial design, double-material injection molding shell, anti-scratch, anti-drop, ensuring a solid and beautiful shell while bringing a "thin and light" body, the weight of the whole machine is less than 2.5kg;

* The transducer spool adopts a collector ring design, and the signal cable can be retracted freely, and the cable will never be twisted again.

* It can be wirelessly uploaded to the engineering inspection management system.




product name Multi-channel ultrasonic pile measuring instrument
product model   ZBL-U5700
main engine number of channels   4
Number of test profiles at one time   6
Storage method Built-in electronic hard disk (4GB) + large capacity U disk
Sound time range ±1677.7ms
Emission voltage 65,250,500,1000 V four gear adjustable
Amplification gain 82dB
dynamic range 154 dB
Gain accuracy 0.5dB
Band width (12dB) 2~500kHz
receiving sensitivity ≤10μV
intertrack crosstall ≤1/400
communication interface USB,MiniUsb,WiFi,bluetooth
test mode Flat test, double test, encryption, oblique test power
supply mode built-in Lithium batteries or a mobile power supply
outlay 220V AC/DC
operate time (h) > 8
work environment temperature -10℃~+40℃
humidity < 90%RH
Size of host 270mm×220mm×75mm
Weight of host 2.5kg
Connection mode of the lifting device

Wired, wireless switchable


Wireless lift device Maximum transmission distance ≥5m
resolution ratio 1cm
operate time ≥20h
power supply mode Built-in lithium battery
Record spacing From 2 cm to 25 cm is optional
hoisting speed

> 60m / min (5 measuring points per meter)


Product Image


Wireless Pile Integrity Test Multi Channel Portable Pile Tester 0Wireless Pile Integrity Test Multi Channel Portable Pile Tester 1

Wireless Pile Integrity Test Multi Channel Portable Pile Tester 2

Wireless Pile Integrity Test Multi Channel Portable Pile Tester 3

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