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Exploration Node System Sesimic Node
  • Exploration Node System Sesimic Node

Exploration Node System Sesimic Node

Place of Origin China
Brand Name GOLD
Product Details
Single Component:
Three Component:
Product Description

Main Specifications:


Built-in 2Hz/5Hz/10Hz detector optional
Ultra-low power consumption (50mW)
Light weight, small size (580g)
Wireless charging (fast charging)
Wireless data download (millimeter wave communication technology)
High-sensitivity GNSS (GPS, Beidou synchronous reception)
Bluetooth quality control (70m long-distance Bluetooth communication)
Built-in signal generator (test)
High reliability (waterproof/drop)
Intelligent power on/off (upright to turn on, lying down to sleep)


Exploration Node System Sesimic Node 0



No contact:
No need to disassemble, no external contacts or connectors, good waterproof performance, high reliability
No need to worry about condensation, dust, mud causing data transmission failure
No need to clean or dry

High resolution: Cooperate with TI to use a new generation of analog-to-digital converters, the equivalent input noise is much lower than similar products. 0.12uV (Ant) VS 0.18uV (SmartSolo) @2ms 18dB

Use Long Range Bluetooth for quality control. Conveniently check the GPS signal strength, inclination, power, self-test results, etc. of the node, and can also be used to search for buried

Built-in signal generator for detector test and channel test.

No need to carry a switch, convenient opening and closing method


Exploration Node System Sesimic Node 1

Single component: Ant-1C 5Hz/2Hz
Three component: 5Hz Ant-3C 5Hz/ Ant-3CN 5Hz
Three component: 2Hz Ant-3C 2Hz/ Ant-3CN 2Hz
Three component external detector and power supply Ant-3CE

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