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Digtal Seismic Instruments Light Weight Seismograph Broadband
  • Digtal Seismic Instruments Light Weight Seismograph Broadband
  • Digtal Seismic Instruments Light Weight Seismograph Broadband

Digtal Seismic Instruments Light Weight Seismograph Broadband

Place of Origin Chongqing, China
Brand Name Gold
Model Number GD
Product Details
Product Name:
Digital Broadband Seismograph
Time Synchronization Error:
Sampling Rate:
50sps, 100sps, 200sps, 250sps, 500sps
Calibration Mode:
Pulse Self-calibration
Status Display:
Working Temperature:
-20℃ ~ +60℃
Dynamic Range:
Storage Capacity:
High Light: 

Digtal Seismic Instruments


Seismic Instruments Light Weight

Product Description

Digtal and Light Weight Seismograph





It is more widely used in research areas such as intensive earthquake networks and natural seismic observations, reservoir induced earthquake monitoring, mining earthquake monitoring and oil and gas exploration, and other broadband zone earthquake observations and underground formation. Wait for scientific investigations




1. Integrates a variety of functions such as integrated broadband seismic meters, collection, storage, data transmission, and detection

2. Inside contains 32 -bit collectors, small broadband zone seismic meters, data storage units, network communication, and GPS timing units

3. The signal conversion of vertical, east -west, and north after the coordinate is transformed.

4. The collector is used to collect the voltage signal of the output of the sensor, including three high -resolution, large dynamic range, and full balance differential channels of fast real -time data flow output, and has high time and time -conservative accuracy.


Technical sheet






Three points, capacitance energy,

54.7UVW Structure

ADC 16 The
Sensitivity Difference: 1000 (Vs / m) Dynamic range Greater than 135 dB @ 100 sps
Tape width

0.0167 Hz ~ 80Hz

0.0083 Hz ~ 80Hz

Sampling rate


(Multiple sampling rates are simultaneously output)

Dynamic range Greater than 155dB (1-10 Hz) Digital filter Linear phase FIR / minimum phase FIR
Nolinear Better than 0.1% Degree of distortion Better than-100 dB
Cross sensitivity Better than 1% DAC 16 bits, with a maximum output current of ± 5 mA
Output ± 5V (dual-end) Calibration signal type Pulse, sine wave, and pseudorandom codes

Enter the limit speed


>10mm/s Starting mode Timed, instruction
Zero set Automatic, remote joggle LAN Ethernet
Parasitic resonance ≥100Hz Data communication protocol

Low-latency and real-time data network service


Open, lock Power on automatic open swing, power off automatic lock swing number of channels

5-channel, 3-channel XYZ output, and 3

channel UVW

Self noise From 40s to 15 Hz was lower than the NLNM Sensor control Zero, open swing, lock swing
Complete performance      
Time service GPS timing unit / IRIG encoded input Storage medium 8GB industrial grade, wide temperature CF card

Time lock


Less than 0.01ms (GPS timing) Recording mode

Event trigger record, continuous waveform record


Clock stability Better than 0.5ppm Data format EVT,mini SEED.GEOPEN
Event trigger STA / LTA, level, and timing Data transmission mode

Low latency real-time data flow, support

Reconnect, and FTP data download

Output sensitivity 74.5nV/count Remote monitor and control Parameter setting, working status monitoring
Supply electricity

+12V(9V~ 20V)

The average power consumption is less than 2W

Size φ150mm×205mm
Storage environment -55℃~ 80℃ Weight 5.5kg
work environment


Humidity: 0~ 100%

Case protection IP67
Product Photo
Digtal Seismic Instruments Light Weight Seismograph Broadband 0Digtal Seismic Instruments Light Weight Seismograph Broadband 1Digtal Seismic Instruments Light Weight Seismograph Broadband 2Digtal Seismic Instruments Light Weight Seismograph Broadband 3

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